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Slowly getting back to work...

by Olivier Dunrea on 11/15/11

It's been a while since I've posted anything to this blog.  I have been busy finishing book deadlines and dealing with the new rescue pups in our life.   Hopefully, I will get back to writing something here more often and will get the website updated with new artwork, information regarding new books, new book reviews, and other exciting news as it develops.  

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1. patricia slter said on 12/5/11 - 12:38PM
I have written you before...I am a librarian and you are by far my favorite writer. I am amazed by A CHRISTMAS TREE FOR PYN and cry and laugh every time I read it. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
2. Rebecca said on 12/9/11 - 11:24AM
I heard a review of "Christmas for Pyn" on NPR and came here to see more of your work. Sadly, the "Artwork for Sale" page doesn't have photos, and the "ARTWORK FOR SALE" page (2 of the same name??) only says "In progress." I would have like to see some of your paintings. I know it's hard to keep a website up; just wanted to alert you that yours needs a little help. I'm viewing from Mozilla Firefox in case it's only set to work from Internet Explorer. Lovely book! regards, Rebecca
3. Elaine Nowak said on 12/18/11 - 08:19PM
We just got A Christmas Tree for Pyn at our Library and I brought it home to read to my granddaughter. I have read it to myself about 10 times this week, it is just the most beautiful story and as always your illustrations are wonderful. Thank you so much for this heartwarming tale. It is sure to become a classic. Joy and blessings, Elaine
4. Marsha Fetzer said on 2/15/12 - 02:23PM
I bought Gossie and Goosie and Gerdie for my 20 month grandson for Christimas. He loves them so I'm off to buy more for his birthday. Thanks for blessing him with such pure and loving humor.
5. christine said on 4/12/12 - 06:37AM
i lived in callicoon and roscoe for 2.5 years while staying home with my children. in my working life i am a children's librarian. now that i am back to work and back on long island i want to say how much i enjoy your work; my girls love gossie and i'll be following your books as more come out! enjoy that deleware!
6. Jenny said on 8/21/12 - 07:26PM
Hi. I found your books randomly one day while browsing the library shelves with my two kids. I'm a teacher as well as a mom, and I can't wait to share your books with my students this year. I especially love the illustrations in the Halloween book. Spooky and sweet at the same time.

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