SKERROBREE Board Game  Copyright Olivier Dunrea 2018 All Rights Reserved.

Original Idea: 27 November 2017

Concept: Similar to CLUE but with original elements added: secret passages, elements to be uncovered in each ‘room’ (house), why the murder was committed, etc.

Archaeologists are excavating an ancient settlement site in the remote Orkney Islands in 1947. The director of the excavation, Sir Angus Ian McPherson, is murdered. Like CLUE, players must discover who the murderer is, where the murder was committed, and what weapon (or artifact) was used to commit the murder.

I first visited the ancient village of Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands in 1978.   I fell in love with the site at first sight.   In 1986 my book SKARA BRAE: The Story of a Prehistoric Village was published.   Since childhood I have loved board games: RISK, CLUE, MONOPOLY, etc.   Over the course of my career I have designed and created a number of board games.   Most recently, SKERROBREE.  It's a prehistoric version of CLUE with a few more twists and turns.   Naturally, I took a few creative licenses by adding a murder, secret passages, artifacts, etc.