Gossie & Friends began  in 2001 with sketches of goslings while I was staring out the studio window watching Canada geese fly overhead, honking loudly.   A pair of red rubber toy boots sat on my bookshelf for some strange reason.  As I sketched goslings I started drawing them wearing red rubber boots.  And that is how the idea for Gossie and her "bright red boots" came to life.

More sketches, drawings, and finished illustrations will be posted as this website grows.  Check back frequently to watch the gaggle of goslings grow!

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Here is a sneak peek at  GEMMA & GUS and GUS!
Gossie & Friends in the Netherlands --- Gonnie en vriendjes
I visited all the wonderful folks at Gottmer (Gottmer Kinderboeken) publishing at the end of February 2014.  Their offices are in a beautiful stately mansion in Haarlem.   My editor, Marieke Spaans, as well as Melanie and Carine made me feel welcome and treated me like a star! After a fabulous luncheon when we returned to their offices and much to our surprise the above video had just come in for their viewing and approval.  I loved it the first time I saw it.  The most talented and lovely singer/composer, Ageeth de Haan wrote and sings the Gonnie en vriendjes theme song.  Her voice is light and friendly---the perfect voice for the series.  Ageeth is working on an English version of the song that I hope my U.S. publisher will use here in this country. 

Gottmer is doing a number of exciting things with Gossie & Friends and I thought I would share a few of them with you.  IF you live in the Netherlands or Europe you can easily purchase any of their books or other Gossie related items.
BRAND NEW!   Gonnie book and stuffed doll in a beautifully packed gift set.

Gonnie en vriendjes wrapping paper designed by their creative design team.
 Here are  a  few of  the  specialty  Gossie &  Friends  books!
Here is a sneak peek at PEARL!