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Studio Update

by Olivier Dunrea on 09/09/12

LITTLE CUB, the companion book to OLD BEAR AND HIS CUB, will be published 27 November 2012!   I love this book!

JASPER & JOOP, part of the Gossie & Friends series, will be published in the Spring 2013.
Work in the studio has been productive.   The current book on the drawing board is: GEMMA & GUS---sister and brother who love to explore!  

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1. MaryJo Scott said on 11/12/12 - 05:38AM
Recently saw your original on display at the Illsutrators Show in NYC. Love your watercolor! So glad there is more coming out, since I jsut bought A Christmas Tree for Pyn to add to my family's collection. : ) best to you, MaryJo
2. Olivier said on 11/12/12 - 12:56PM
Hey, MaryJo! Thank you for the kind words! I missed the opening of the show due to a medical emergency back in the mountains. My editor sent me photos of the LITTLE CUB piece hanging on the wall, beautifully matted and framed! Thank you for adding A CHRISTMAS TREE FOR PYN to your collection. Take a look at the S.E.R.F. page here on my website. There are a few sketches and studies from that book being offered for sale (a donation, really) to help save desperate shelter dogs in high kill shelters!

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