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More good news...

by Olivier Dunrea on 04/21/10

I got a bit more good news today.  OLLIE'S EASTER EGGS has moved up on the New York Times Bestseller list for the second week.   And the book made the Publishers Weekly Bestseller list as well.  The new BIG Fall/Winter catalog arrived from Penguin Young Readers Group with OLD BEAR AND HIS CUB featured on the front cover.  Another surprise came when I saw that my publisher has also produced a terrific floor display for booksellers to feature the book in the stores.  And, finallly (as if all this wasn't enough) my editor sent an email this morning telling me that they are also producing a coffee mug featuring OLD BEAR AND HIS cub that will be sent to booksellers.  Spring is off to a great start!

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1. Roxanne Aronson said on 5/2/10 - 12:56PM
I came across your book on the writing process as I was packing for a change of schools, and googled your name to see what was new. It's been ages since you were here at Garfield (Sioux Falls, SD), and I had lost track of what you were up to. I'm glad to see you are going strong. I have a whole new audience of little ones for your books, so I'm glad to see there are so many out there. I'll enjoy the new titles-Keep it up Dunrea, and good luck on your new venture.
2. Hannah said on 5/12/10 - 02:04PM
I am excited for the release of OLD BEAR AND HIS CUB. It will be a great addition to my nephew's book collection - he loves your books!
3. Megan said on 5/21/10 - 08:17PM
My son is 21 months old and Boo Boo was one of the very first books we began reading to him at a very early age. It is now become the nearest and dearest staple in our home representing dedicated time that we commit each day to snuggling on the couch and reading together. Not to mention, my son wakes up saying, "GOOD FOOD!" and quoting other lines from the book which I find completely adoring and hilarious. Thank you for bringing Boo Boo into my son's heart - he loves him very much.

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