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Chained to the drawing board!

by Olivier Dunrea on 05/21/10

Hard to believe that it is now almost the end of May!  I have been working night and day on JASPER & JOOP and GIDEON.  These are the three newest goslings to be added to the gaggle.

OLD BEAR AND HIS CUB and OLLIE'S HALLOWEEN come out in the fall.  Both publishers are doing tremendous promotional pieces for the books: posters, cut-out figures, coffee mug, display stant for bookstores, etc.!

I'll be in NYC at Books of Wonder in late October doing a book signing.  If you are in the city please stop by and say HEY!

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1. Cate said on 6/3/10 - 10:12PM
Hi Olivier! So glad I found your site. Remember me, Macy's fraud? I told Paul (my husband's 6 year old) about your books. Will be getting some this weekend. Your art is amazing! And your dogs are even cuter than I imagined. So nice again to "meet" you. Good luck with your book signing. Cheers! Cate
2. Ted said on 8/25/10 - 08:09PM
Will Borders be carrying your new books?? These will be perfect for my class! I hope they carry your extra stuff!
3. Ollie's Mom said on 9/10/10 - 02:50PM
Dear Olivier, My little boy Oliver "Ollie" is a big fan of your books. We have quite a collection and just added Ollie's Halloween to it this morning after hearing it read at storytime at our favorite children's bookstore. We have actually made giving your books our signature gift, Ollie's lift and flap and the Ollie book is filling many shelves in our town. Ollie's favorite? Gossie and Friends Hide & Seek book - he loved it so much the little Ollie was missing at the end of the book w/in a couple of weeks. The extra touches in this book make it very special (glittery butterflies, action "buttons" throughout). If it wouldn't be an imposition, I would love to have a copy of an "Ollie" book autographed for my son's be framed and hung. Kindly advise if I can send you a book w/a pre-addressed envelope. Many sincere thanks, Taj
4. Gail said on 10/20/10 - 08:27AM
It has been a long time since I spent a week with you in Vermont. I now have 7 grandchildren reading your books. I am sending you some real saltwater taffeys--and a few books to sign. Keep writing!! We love reading them and what great gifts they make. If you ever come to NJ, let me know.

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