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Studio Update

by Olivier Dunrea on 11/12/12

Hard to believe it's November already!   I am hard at work on the finished art for GEMMA & GUS and hope to be finished by the end of the month.   LITTLE CUB comes out on the 27th!    And the board book edition of OLD BEAR AND HIS CUB comes out on the 21st!   It's a busy month!

I missed the opening of the Original Art show at the Society of Illustrators due to an urgent medical emergency in our family.   We were literally in a cab on Park Avenue on our way to the show when I got a phone call on my mobile to get back to the mountains and hospital as fast as I could.

S.E.R.F. continues to grow!   Selling all my original artwork from my books to save the lives of desperate shelter dogs in high kill shelters is one of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life!   Please spread the word about S.E.R.F. (Sophie's Emergency Rescue Fund) and visit that page here at the website!

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1. Sarah Parker said on 11/16/12 - 09:24AM
Mr. Dunrea. I have been collecting your gosling books since they came out, first for my own children, now for my first and second grade classroom. I would like your permission to use the Gossie cover on a bookmark I want to create for my students. Your patterned text is just what they need as they are learning how to anticipate words and ideas. The illustrations are so charming, I have shared them under the document camera for whole class shared reading. Thanks for all your work. Sarah Parker Holland, Michigan
2. Olivier said on 11/16/12 - 11:40AM
Hey, Sarah Parker! Yes, absolutely go ahead and use the Gossie cover for a bookmark for your students. I am happy to hear that these little books are such a big hit with you and your students! We have a house in Dearborn, MI and I've actually been to Holland!

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