A Beginning... : Blog Writing Log

A Beginning...

by Olivier Dunrea on 04/12/10

12 April 2010

Well, I finally have taken the plunge and have started a Blog Writing Log.  Blog has to to be the newest ugliest word in the English language, but I guess we're stuck with it.  I will be "blogging" (this word is as bad as "journaling") about the stories, maps, books that I am working on at any given time.  And, most likely, I'll moan and groan about the process of writing and getting it into print.

But, to get off on the right foot I will say that yesterday I made The New York Times Bestseller list for Sunday, 11 April 2010 with my new book OLLIE'S EASTER EGGS.  It only took 25 years to get onto the list and I finally got there.  I am patient, if nothing else.  And, I'm happy to report that the book will be on next weeks' NYT Bestseller list as well---moved up three positions! 

I really can't complain.  I'm grateful for the acknowedgement.

At the moment I'm working on the finished artwork/illustrations for the two newest books in the "Gossie & Friends" series: JASPER & JOOP and GIDEON.  I love the new goslings!  They are a hoot.  And, like all the other goslings they portray various aspects of my own personality in one form or another.  It's great to be drawing new goslings for a change.

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1. Smoopy said on 4/13/10 - 02:43AM
I'm going to enjoy reading your blog!
2. Kathy said on 4/14/10 - 12:07PM
Your books are a staple in our library. Circulation numbers prove they are loved books. I eagerly purchase each one. New goslings, can't wait! This blog will keep me informed and antipating all your new work. Thank you for sharing your talent!
3. Emma said on 4/15/10 - 02:06AM
We love your goslings, and have so much fun reading them. I'm glad you are 'blogging', and I'm very happy to hear more goslings are coming. Thanks!
4. renee craig said on 5/14/10 - 08:53AM
Hi, i met you many years ago at chestnut hill academy in phila. where i worked, and i purchased two of your books, which still look like brand new and that my oldest niece enjoyed me reading to her as a child. you signed mogwogs on the march for me, and i have skara brae, both are loved. i want to now pass these on to my niece as a gift, but was wondering if you know how i could find the value of these, i would like her to know. you signed mogwogs in 1989, wrote something wonderful and drew a character, the book jacket shows you at age 8, it's charming. Love your books and very happy for your success.

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